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Mechanical engineering careers courses India

Mechanical engineering courses and career options

Mechanical engineering course is one of the oldest disciplines in engineering and one of the most opted for. Mechanical engineering is that division of engineering which focuses on the designing, analyzing, manufacturing and maintaining of the mechanical systems. A mechanical engineer can work in many fields such as automobiles, aircrafts, manufacturing plants, industrial machinery and equipment, medical devices and more.  They also do research and test machines, tools and other mechanical devices.  Mechanical engineers also work on power producing plants and power producing machines like gas turbines, electrical generators, internal combustion engines, etc.
The discipline of engineering that applies knowledge of mechanical power and heat in production of mechanical systems however large or small  is called mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineers are basically expected to deal with design .production and maintenance of machinery. In mechanical engineering, the application of heat is considered a very important aspect. For a mechanical engineer its important to have a strong understanding of concepts such as mechanics, structural analysis, thermodynamics and kinematics.

Mechanical engineering has been there ever since the 19th century   and that makes it one of the oldest disciplines of engineering. Mechanical engineering being a vast subject has many sub-branches and a student of this discipline can choose to contribute in a field of his/her choice. Some of the most favoured branches are nanotechnology,  mechatronics, composites, robotics etc.

Basic eligibility criteria for mechanical engineering course

For a student to be eligible  for pursuing mechanical engineering  he/she has to have adequate percentage in +2 level (Science).  An eligible candidate will be offered an array of interesting fields of which nanotechnology and robotics are the new favourites.

A mechanical engineering graduate can not only apply in mechanical system  based  companies but also in cement industry, hydraulic sector, steel industry, power based sector, automobile industries and robotics.
Recent study also indicates that mechanical engineers are amongst the most employed engineers as any large organisation be it private or public sector would have a requirement for mechanical engineers . This field could be a laborious one but its ever increasing scope  as well as the growing demand for mechanical engineers globally makes it a lucrative career option.
A student should have a science background in their intermediate level. He or she should have taken up the science discipline and should have had math, physics, and chemistry as their core subjects. As engineering courses are very popular in India, the cut off marks to get into the prestigious universities are very high.  A student should have managed to score high marks in their board exams.  An individual who is interested in a career in mechanical engineering will have to sit for an entrance exam as well. This exam will be conducted at the national and at the state level.


Institutes offering mechanical engineering courses

Mechanical engineers are also responsible for designing aerospace/aircraft products,power system, transportation products, compressors, kinematic chains etc. Mechanical engineering is no doubt a very interesting field and its scope has led to various universities and colleges offering graduate and undergraduate degrees in this  field.

Some of the premiere institutes that offer mechanical engineering as a program are Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, Birla Institute of Technology and Delhi University.  Most of these institutes have an entrance exam that one has to sit for and it is highly competitive.

Career options for mechanical engineering graduates

A mechanical engineer has many career options to choose from. He can either work in the private sector or the public sector. He can work in manufacturing, power plants, quality assurance, research and development trainee, junior engineer, CNC programmer, design engineer etc. In the government sector he can work in railways, telecom, armed forces, defense services, etc

Pay package for a mechanical engineering course graduate

A mechanical engineering fresh graduate can expect to earn around Rs. 15,00o to Rs. 25,000 per month in the beginning. But after a year or so he can easily expect to earn around Rs. 50,000 per month. A fresh graduate’s negotiating power is based on the college or institute he graduated from. A mechanical engineer working in the public sector can expect to get several benefits from the government.

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