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Textile Engineering Courses Careers India

Textile Engineering

Textile engineering deals with the study of various engineering concepts and methods which are useful in the production of various kinds of fabric and yarns.  This branch of engineering involves the careful study of all kinds of physical and chemical principles along with the behavioural patterns of polymers which are essential in the production of textile fiber.

While textile engineering is just one segment of the much broader textile industry, it is a very interesting field that involves a lot of creative and innovative research and the finding of newer, better and more effective ways of production and improvisations. A textile engineers job includes not just finding new ways and methods of producing better and brighter textiles, it also involves the art of improving on every textile that is present in the market.

Eligibility Criteria for Textile Engineering Courses

To enter this field and take it up as a career, one has to have a degree in textile engineering. The course structure is such that a student gets well versed with other engineering fields as well like chemical, mechanical and industrial engineering. These basic concepts also help textile engineers in the work front.

For further specialization a student can opt for textile chemical technology, technical textile, fiber science technology and computer application in textile.

Career in Textile Engineering

A student of textile engineering has three basic areas open to him – research and design, production and quality check, sales and customer support. In India the two most important sectors within this field are handloom and mechanized sectors. With scores of textile mills spread across the country capable students will find god career opportunities. While all fields are very promising, students are advised to think carefully about where their interests lie, what do they want to do for the rest of their life and make a well thought decision.

Best Colleges and Institutes in India for Textile Engineering Courses

Some of the most popular institutes that offer courses in textile engineering are:

  • College of Textile Technology, Behrampur, Murshidabad
  • Maharashtra DKTE Society Textile & Engg Institute, Rajwada, Kolhapur
  • University of Bombay, Department of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
  • College of Engineering & Technology, Near Shivaji Park, Akola
  • Kumaraguru College of TEch.,Chinnavedampatti Coimbatore
  • Haryana Technological Institute of Textiles, Bhiwani
  • Calcutta University College of Textile Tech, Serampore


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